Friday, November 09, 2007

Mr. Mom

Anyone remember the movie in the 80's Mr. Mom? Micheal Keaton stars in the film, and he gets fired from his job and decides to stay home and take care of the kids. He makes it but he does it alotdifferent than mom does it. I see myself in that movie once and a while.

Thursday through Saturday I'm watching Sadie and Hannah as Sarah goes to women of faith in Tampa, I'm glad she gets to go. Watching the girls makes me appreciate Sarah more than ever. I'm usually the one gone on trips or something else and she doesn't even act like it's tough and never complains. It helps me realize I need to be gone less and be more of a help when I am here. She does it with such ease it seems. I'm blessed to have a great wife who is a great mother and I love the times I get to play Mr. Mom.
Question to comment on or ponder: Why is that when we put ourself in someones shoes we see so much clearer?

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