Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leadership Retreat Mind Dump

I really love listening to leaders that are passionate, I got to sit with about 25 other NE GA ministers last week and here Cam HuxFord share with us. I love confrences and training because they alwasy spark new ideas, but the the down side is I forget them. I'm trying now to look back a week later and see what I'm still chewing on from the training or sharing time. Here is what stuck with me till now.
  • Good chess players think multiple moves ahead. Cam said 8 steps ahead. Good churches and ministers should do the same. What are you next steps in your ministry?
  • Visit churches double your size or the size you would like to be, then twice as large then, 5 times as large. See what they are doing, ask questions, watch learn. Take elders with you and women with you.
  • Sometime you must re-invent yourself. Illustratoin: Tiger Woods has tweaked his swing every couple years to stay on top. Is your church? Are you?
Good questions and thoughts that I'm thinking through at the moment.