Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Running on fumes...

I've come to see a pattern and it only took me 30 years. My spiritual life is much like how my Jeep runs on gasoline.

  • My jeeps runs well if there is gas in the tank. My spiritual life runs well if I fill up with the Word, prayer, service, etc.
  • If the tank is empty in my Jeep I go no where and I'm stranded. I even feel dumb having to call someone to help me out of the mess I have got myself in, and it's even worse if you have to call the same person again when your tanks bone dry for the second time in two weeks. If my spiritual tank is empty I feel lost, broken down, passionless, stranded in life. Every time my spiritual tank is empty, I feel so bad calling out to God again, "Hey, I ran out of gas, can you bail me out?"
  • Gas is not cheap, well right now it's $2.09 a gallon. Spiritual Gas is not either. It costs me time, energy, focus, and discipline.
  • I must have a vehicle to get around, thus I must have unleaded fuel to get me through the day. Spiritually I must seek God to get me through the day.

Fuel is something I need. Sure, I could get it from God, through His word, through prayer, through worship. But I'm just like our government, I seek alternatives because the price is to costly, and I fill up my tank with things that look like fuel. Pride, my wants and desires, laziness.

Lord, Once again I come running on fumes ask that you would fill me up. Because I am stranded alongside the road.

19 Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory.