Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Review: Understanding God's Will by Kyle Lake

Understanding God's Will

This is the second book I have read by the late Kyle Lake, the first being Understanding Prayer which I loved. I feel much the same with this book, loved it. I picked it up for a few reasons, one as I said I loved the last book I read by him, two as research and study for a upcoming Revolution message, and finally understanding God's will is something I'm always trying to get my mind around. Students, friends, and probably the person reading this are always wondering and asking about His will. Kyle has a great way of making difficult theological truths seem like a conversation over a cup of coffee.

The main theme of the book is God's will is not some recipe, blueprint, formula,mantra, there's no 7 steps to knowing God's will for you life. So many pastors like myself give the recipe or blueprint; such as pray, seek wise counsel, listen, etc. etc. Lake states understanding God's will doesn't fit the recipe,blueprint, or formula.

He uses three illustrations to describe God's will...a disciple...a father...and a kingdom. They all expand to really explain God's will for our life through those lenses.

Random and final thoughts...
  • The first part of the book is the strongest, great hooks.

  • Quick read, easy read.

  • Many great "That'll preach" illustrations that I'll preach someday.

  • If your looking to crack the blueprint or find the recipe to understanding God's will grab this book.

Grade: A-