Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leadership Retreat Mind Dump

I really love listening to leaders that are passionate, I got to sit with about 25 other NE GA ministers last week and here Cam HuxFord share with us. I love confrences and training because they alwasy spark new ideas, but the the down side is I forget them. I'm trying now to look back a week later and see what I'm still chewing on from the training or sharing time. Here is what stuck with me till now.
  • Good chess players think multiple moves ahead. Cam said 8 steps ahead. Good churches and ministers should do the same. What are you next steps in your ministry?
  • Visit churches double your size or the size you would like to be, then twice as large then, 5 times as large. See what they are doing, ask questions, watch learn. Take elders with you and women with you.
  • Sometime you must re-invent yourself. Illustratoin: Tiger Woods has tweaked his swing every couple years to stay on top. Is your church? Are you?
Good questions and thoughts that I'm thinking through at the moment.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TXT more than Talk

This caught my eye this morning.

  For the second quarter of 2008, U.S. mobile subscribers sent and received on average 357 text messages per month, compared with making and receiving 204 phone calls a month, according to Nielsen.

What do you think this says about our culture? Sure we like to stay connected, but how connected do we really want to be. Don't get me wrong I'll text till my fingers turn blue. But I thought it was an interesting item.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Youth Ministry Event

Every time the Olympics come around I get more and more sucked in, it's like a tractor beam, that pulls me to my couch and TV. I began to last night think what makes the Olympics so special, engaging, powerful, and exciting? I believe because it's not so mundane, it does not happen every summer, or every year. It's something you look forward to, something you wait for four years.

I then thought what if we did something in ministry that evokes that type of mountain top event. Not a sporting event. Something that is not CIY Move, CIY Believe, Summer Camp, VBS, Winter Retreat, Mission Trips, an every year type of thing. Don't get me wrong these are awesome events that I promote and love and I think a super important. But what if we did something that students would look forward to and prepare for every four years.
What could this event be? I have some ideas but I'll keep them to myself right now.

Question to comment on or ponder? What could this "Olympic" youth ministry event be?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Couch Wars

Our first Momentum last week we did Couch Wars! One of my all time favorite scavenger hunt events. We had 43 that night, which blew my mind. I had tons of sponsor help also, it was a fun night. Here are some of the pic's.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tebow again...

I think this week should be Tim Tebow week on my blog. Tebow in this article says no to being on an All American College Football team. He says no to Playboy's annual All American team because it conflicts with his christian beliefs.
I may have to buy his jersey now, but I really can't wear a gator emblem, that would conflict with my Flordia State beliefs. All jokes aside Tebow is a great witness, I hope he has a good, injury free season.

Question to comment on or ponder: What do you need to say no to because it conflicts with your beliefs

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not a Gators fan, but Tebow is my favorite college player

I have loved the Florida State Seminoles for years since they were dominating collegiate football. Now they aren't but, it's all good and I believe they'll turn things around. So being a Noles fan means the Gators are not liked well, or at all. I can't stand the all.

But I really have watched the gators QB Tim Tebow the past few years and how he is not shy about his faith and what he stands for. I also like that he plays QB like a fullback and punishes the other team. But back to my first reason I read this in the Athens Banner Herald this past week....

Tebow's hectic off season schedule included three overseas missionary trips to Thailand, Croatia and the Philippines. Those came on his breaks from school and between-season conditioning for one of the challengers for the SEC East title.

"Doing those things is more important that football to me," Tebow said. "I can take what I do and take football as a game and change people's lives, that's what's important. Doing things like that are much more important than beating Georgia or Florida State. It doesn't come close to having the ability to put a smile on a kid's face or to go to a high school and see a girl who's about to die and see her smile because you're there to see her. You can't put a price on what that does for me. It does more for me than what I did for that person."

Here is a guy who knows whats important. I don't think I'll get his jersey(it has a gator on it) but I will be pulling for him.

If you want to read the rest of this article

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

T-Shirt Design

Every year for the past few years I have let the seniors design the shirt we all wear one night @ CIY. Mostly it's pretty normal, a little catchy, and nothing to amazing. This year will be different. It is the craziest, random, and creative I had to design. Here are the word and images they wanted.

Triceratops, an Island on and island, taco .89 double cheesy beef burrito, ping pong table, rock band, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, a rock band, acoustic guitar, and on the back Don't Stop Believin'.
Here is what we will have....

Monday, June 09, 2008

3G iphone

The new iPhone comes out July 11 should I get it here are some thoughts some positive some negative.. comment if you like...

  • iPhone only $200 with 2 year contract, last iPhone was $400.

  • I need new service t-mobile is bad around the new homestead. Everyone here says go At&t or Verizon.

  • At&T is cheaper than Verizon.

  • I always feel I need something I don't. I confess to the sin of gadgets and gizmo's.

  • I have to get a new phone sometime soon.

  • My ipod doesn't work properly. This would give me a new ipod and new phone.

  • Built in GPS, Sarah could keep the one we have in her car.

Am I making up excuses? Let me know....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

61* blog is live...

The 61* Blog is live, well is will be much more alive June 1...go check it out...

61* kicks into gear June 1. This website will let a few things happen.
If you loose your 61* information you can come here and keep up to date. Each day the daily reading will be posted.
You can share your comments, thoughts or how the days scripture hit you.
You can read others thoughts and comments as we journey through the bible together.

Spread the word about 61*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Finishing up 61* project and will have it on here soon for any that want to use it. I already know a church/youth ministry in VA who is going to partner up. I'm going to create a 61* blog site also that has the days reading and then peeps can comment and share about what they have read that day.

61* Random fact: Los Angeles Lakers' Elgin Baylor set a record for 61* points in a NBA finals game against the Boston Celtics (April 14, 1962)

Question to comment on or ponder: Who's going to the NBA Finals this year?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just had a crazy idea I'm going to mess with...

You read read through the key stories of the Bible in chronological order, tracing the development of God's plan from Adam and Eve to the church of the New Testament. This reading plan introduces you to the major people and events of the Bible in chronological order, beginning with Creation, moving through the birth and history of the Israel nation, and ending with Revelation's prophetic words. It's all broken down into 61 easily-readable segments.

There are 61* days in June and July, what if we challenged our youth ministries and church to this 61* reading through major events from Genesis to Revelation.
You'll here and see more about this hopefully if I have the time to pull it off...You wanna help let me know...Maybe a baseball theme or feel...

Do you know who is in this photo and why the number 61* is there?

Enstien's Theory of Religion

In the link below I just read an article about a letter Albert Einstein wrote to a gentleman who sent him a Christian book. The letter is going on to be auction for big bucks this week. Many Christians claim Einstein on their side, while many atheists claim him just the same. What do you think?

In the letter, he states: "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this."

Einstein's theory of Religion might be something like this.

Human Weakness + Honorable Writings + Childish Legends = God's Word.
Question to ponder or comment on: What's your theory?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Calendar Launch

We had 40 people Wednesday night @ Impact. I gave out the 2008 summer calendars and there seemed to be a good buzz about them. I gave them out yesterday after service and had several people stop by and pick one up. I will posts some pic's of it sometime this week. The plan is done, now it's time to work the plan.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thinking about SITS instead of CIY

There are three different schools on different schedules we must contend with here @ Galilee...and the fun part is none of their calendars sink I'm thinking about bringing up the idea of Summer in the Son. It is a CIY type week long event, I went when I was student.

  • Cheaper than CIY...$230
  • Gets kids on a bible college campus instead of a liberal arts school
  • I love the schedule perfect for high school kids breakfast @ 9 and stuff till Midnight...
  • It would be a new thing for Galilee and myself
  • Works with the summer schedule
  • Some people there...Robbie Seay Band, Jeremy Camp, Jared Hall, The Turning
  • Lots of free stuff in the area to do...Carter Caves and Cliff Jumping.
  • I know the area went so college for 4 years there.
  • 8 hours away compared to 4 hours TN..Roadtrip!!!


  • It's not CIY
  • It's a new thing
  • 8 hours away

If you want to check it out I'm gonna run it by sponsor and pray about it and then make the decision soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 Summer Theme

From time to time in the past I have done a summer theme and given them summer calendar that corresponds. Just to get some hype for summer..For example....

Take the Plunge: Summer calendar attached to a mini plunger.

When Stars Wars Phantom Menace came out we did a light saber type thing and attached and talk about the devil our phantom menace.

One summer the calendar was on old parchment looking paper and I burnt the edges and it looked like a treasure map lead to each event that summer...

I just got a crazy one for this summer from a teaching series I did last fall @ Central.

Urban Legends...Have the calendar on old looking paper and give it out attached to a diet coke and menthos (an urban legends that is true and you need to try if you never have). Then teach on Spiritual Urban Legends through out the summer.

I'm looking for feedback on this summer theme if you read this hit the comment button and let me know what you think or let me know your idea.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The 12 days of Galilee

I have now been here 12 days at Galilee...Here are twelve things that have caught my eye, or my mind or thoughts, or something that happened to me. No order just random.

  1. The first board meeting was opened with scripture, a devotional on listening and prayer. It was closed with all the elders and deacons forming a circle holding hands and praying.
  2. I got lost on my first day of work. Debbie Garmin my GPS system got me there but it involved a MLK a dirt road that goes going up a hill and back down.
  3. There is crazy potential for God to do big things here.
  4. I miss my family and cant wait to hug them.
  5. Sweet Tea flows like a raging river here.
  6. I like my commute. It's approx. 25 minutes, but I enjoy it.
  7. Why did I wait so long to have HD TV?
  8. I have seen so many blessings in the past month that God has blessed me with...God is good.
  9. Sorry Florida, but people are nicer in Georgia or maybe I'm just the new guy.
  10. The summer calendar is going to be a challenge here, but I'm up for it. The three school systems all stop and start at different times.
  11. Less distractions doesn't mean you be less distracted. Something will always try to pull you away from time with God.
  12. The book of Proverbs will challenge you, encourage and make you want to seek wisdom.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

En Quote

I heard a great quote this week...

"You can't direct something that isn't moving"

Ben Merold

So often this happens in ministry we really want to direct and steer a program. But the program must be moving and have life to make the changes we need to or we think we need to make. It's the same with volunteers or sponsors, if they are not moving or doing something already it's tough to direct them. If your leading a church, ministry, business, or even a family, you must get it moving to lead it to the place you or God are wanting it to go.

Question to ponder or comment on: Are you moving spiritually? If not how do you expect God to guide you?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Been a while I know....

It has been a long while since I have blogged anything at all. Emotionally over the past month and a half I really could not put myself and my emotions out there. Leaving Central was very tough, I suffered though many tears and emotions and see ya laters. Probably the most emotionally tough time since losing my Grandpa in 2000. I love Central especially the students there. It broke my heart to leave them. But God was telling me that it was time for me and my family to move on.

God's will is not always easy. It's not always what you want to do. But it's always what you need to do...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon tonight while jogging and he used the illustration that we need to reboot every once and awhile. That we need to shut down the world for a few days. No TV, No internet, No books, No newspaper, No Cell phone. In turn read the Word, worship, fast, memorize scripture, journal, prayer. Sounds like a great idea for a retreat weekend or week.

Question to ponder or question: Do you need to reboot?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1# Question about Hell

Sunday we started a new series on Heaven and Hell in Sunday School. We talked about Hell. Talking about Hell is always a little scary, and the students seemed zoned in. I hope it makes the students think about where they will spend eternity, and I also hope it encourages them to tell the people they love about Jesus so they don't have to experience Hell.

The number on question I am asked about hell is this, and I was asked it Sunday...

Why would a loving God send someone to Hell?

Do you know the answer? I do.

Winter Retreat Update

Looking like it's gonna be a great weekend. The weather report for WinterPlace is filled with snow. We have about 40 students and sponsors signed up and ready to go. We are going to do a study called "Zip It" from Lifechurch resources during the weekend. It's all about words that come out of our mouths.
  • Complaining

  • Criticizing

  • Gossip

Our words reveal the condition of our hearts.

Question to Comment on or ponder: What is in your heart?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Big Saturday

We had a great Saturday. It was Sadie's third B-day we had like 8o degree weather and had a great day at the park. My fam and Sarah's were all there we had a few Daugherty's show and the Albert clan in attendance. Jan 12 and it's 80, amazing!

I'm watching the Green Bay vs Washington game as I type and wishing for some snow for Sunbowl/ Impact practice tomm. Saturdays with family and football does it get any better?

Tommorrow morning for Sunday School starting a new series about Heaven and Hell, should be fun.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Everything is spiritual...

The Buckham's invited me over last night about 9:30. David and I played some Guitar Hero III, he actually beat Lou on the medium level. It was spiritual. I then had my fourthmeal and quesadilla from the bell. It was spiritual. Then we watched the new video from Rob Bell "Everything is spiritual". Here a few few thoughts from that video...

  • I need to buy the video. So I can show and share it and also watch it again. It's 1hr and 17 minutes of good stuff.

  • Rob Bell is a great communicator.

  • White boards are cool, Rob Bell and UPS are making them popular.

  • Rob brings a huge whiteboard on stage and using it to illustrate his teachings.

  • Rob hurt my brain a few times, trying to wrap your brain around a few ideas really made me think.

  • Main thing I took from the video was everything around me shows God's glory and love for me and you and how many times I miss it. Because I'm to busy or have a to do list some other time constraint.

Question to ponder or comment on: What things do you miss or walk by daily that show God's glory and love for you?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Stuff

  • I'm glad it's not longer 27 degrees around here.
  • Starting up a new series "Guy talk Girl talk" next Sunday night. It's some good stuff from Simply Youth Ministry.
  • High School and Middle School Sunday School have selected the next topic they want to look at, it's our version of the peoples choice awards, Heaven and Hell.
  • Buc's lost to the Giants saw it coming.
  • American Gladiators is back. Sweat, Steriods and Spandex, you gotta love it.
  • Praying for David Buckham he has two interiews in the next 24 hours.
  • College Championship game tonight. LSU vs. OSU. I have LSU by two TD's.
  • I'm really enjoying the Craig Groeschel book on preparing for marriage "Going all the way." I'll do a review once I finish it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I never get very hyped about New Years Resolutions. Have I done any in the past? Sure. Has it worked? For a while, sometimes forever.

The thing is this why do we need a calendar change to decide that we need to change something in our lives?

It doesn't matter what problem or addiction we have why is Dec 31 to Jan 1 the only time we will think about change?

Changes and resolutions must happen daily. We can't wait till 09, to change the mistakes we have already made in 08.

Question to ponder or comment on: What resolution do you need to start today?