Friday, January 11, 2008

Everything is spiritual...

The Buckham's invited me over last night about 9:30. David and I played some Guitar Hero III, he actually beat Lou on the medium level. It was spiritual. I then had my fourthmeal and quesadilla from the bell. It was spiritual. Then we watched the new video from Rob Bell "Everything is spiritual". Here a few few thoughts from that video...

  • I need to buy the video. So I can show and share it and also watch it again. It's 1hr and 17 minutes of good stuff.

  • Rob Bell is a great communicator.

  • White boards are cool, Rob Bell and UPS are making them popular.

  • Rob brings a huge whiteboard on stage and using it to illustrate his teachings.

  • Rob hurt my brain a few times, trying to wrap your brain around a few ideas really made me think.

  • Main thing I took from the video was everything around me shows God's glory and love for me and you and how many times I miss it. Because I'm to busy or have a to do list some other time constraint.

Question to ponder or comment on: What things do you miss or walk by daily that show God's glory and love for you?

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