Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One way Street

So many times we think that church is a one way street. That all roads from the church led to us. I hear, see, and even live the following statements:

  • The worship leader must have the songs I like in the playlist. I can't worship to other types of music.

  • The preacher doesn't really speak to me.

  • I need my needs met.

  • If I didn't help with this ministry it would fall apart.

Nobody talks to me.

I don't like the way this and that are done.

I don't want to be around middle school students, I'm so mature.

My friends aren't coming, so I cant come to church.

I'm too tired.

Here is the thing when we become members of a church. It's not a country club membership. It's not a place where you are waited on, it's not a place where you pay your dues and then get everything you want. The church membership is a relationship. The church should reach out and try to meet every need a member has. I believe most churches try to do this. But in a relationship there are two sides, it's a two way street. Church members also need to meet the needs of the church. The Church is not a fast food resturant where you order what you want and get it your way right away.

Churches commit to people, but people won't commit to the church.