Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thinking about SITS instead of CIY

There are three different schools on different schedules we must contend with here @ Galilee...and the fun part is none of their calendars sink I'm thinking about bringing up the idea of Summer in the Son. It is a CIY type week long event, I went when I was student.

  • Cheaper than CIY...$230
  • Gets kids on a bible college campus instead of a liberal arts school
  • I love the schedule perfect for high school kids breakfast @ 9 and stuff till Midnight...
  • It would be a new thing for Galilee and myself
  • Works with the summer schedule
  • Some people there...Robbie Seay Band, Jeremy Camp, Jared Hall, The Turning
  • Lots of free stuff in the area to do...Carter Caves and Cliff Jumping.
  • I know the area went so college for 4 years there.
  • 8 hours away compared to 4 hours TN..Roadtrip!!!


  • It's not CIY
  • It's a new thing
  • 8 hours away

If you want to check it out I'm gonna run it by sponsor and pray about it and then make the decision soon.

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