Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Desires of Youth

A few Sunday's ago in Sunday School as we are trekking through the book of 2 Timothy we hit the section of scripture that talks about "fleeing the evil desires of our youth." We know that Paul is writing to Timothy here encourage him a he is a young pastor and he reminds him to flee his desires of his youth. So I asked the students what where the desires of a normal everyday youth, they should be the experts. The picture to the left is the list they came up with.

We then discussed which of the desires were evil or good, but we ended up thinking some could be a good desire or evil desire depending on how you use it. Check marks are good, X's are evil, and - are evil/good desires depending on how you use them.

Here is the thing I'm 31 and I still have some of the same desires a high school student would have. I have fled many but some I have not. For example, the one I get stuck on is technology, if you were to look at my cellphone or computer or my house, you would find a techno junkie. I desire new, flashy gadgets, and I like the bells and whistles. I'm sure God shakes his head as I purchase the newest and latest and greatest, great thing to desire Brian. The fact is there are still desires that I need to flee and run from.

Question to comment on or ponder: What desires do you need to flee?

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