Friday, November 23, 2007

Family @ Thanksgiving

I am truly blessed. I have a unique family situation. I have had thanksgiving this year with four different extended parts of my family, I'll explain.

  • My family, Mom, Dad, and Grandma.

  • My in-laws

  • My sister-in-laws-in-laws (is that a word?)

  • My brother-in-laws parents

What does it mean? I ate a ton of food, and put on about 5 pounds easy. I live close to most of my family. But most importantly, I have family on both sides that actually get along. I'm blessed that all the family listed above believe in and follow Christ, both mine and Sarah's family. Now we are not perfect and we all have our quirks, but it was a perfect, loving, buffeting time of celebrating family, blessing and calories. I am thankful for family.

Question to comment on or ponder: How was your thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?

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