Friday, September 11, 2009

Last time you hit the gym?

When was it? Many people hit the gym three times a week, some as many 5 or 6 times. Some spend big bucks to get fit... people get in shape at home gyms, some pay monthly dues at the club, some even hire a personal trainer to get better, faster, and professional expertise. Disciplining themselves, training, and getting stronger.

How many workouts did you get in this week? Before you answer...know this...I'm asking about the spiritual gym.

I have a few questions about your "work out" regimen...

How many spiritual workouts do you get in this week? Three days or are you a spiritual gym rat maybe 5 or 6 days? Did you get three sets of Bible, a super set of prayer, a circuit of fasting, or maybe you did some cross training and combined a few this week?

Where do you usually work out? Home, at a club (the church), do you hire a personal trainer those being a mentor, small group, or accountability partner.

When is the last time you seriously hit the spiritual gym?

It's time we get in shape...

Time to hit the gym...

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