Monday, August 31, 2009

Grapple: to engage in a struggle or close encounter.

We just finished a 13 week series on James called "Rooted" @ Revolution our worship service for middle and high school students. We took it apart verse by verse, but I wonder where many of us are in our thinking about it or doing something about what we have studied. What made me think think about this was what I read the following in this old bible commentary...

"The Book of James can polarize those who grapple with it, leaving groups pulling in opposite directions. Which way do you find yourself leaning:
  • Guilty or inspired?
  • Resistant or repentant?
  • Wavering or single-minded?
  • Passing the buck to the rich or passing out bucks to the poor?

Are you grappling with it at all? I know I have...I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments if you traveled through James with us.

When is the last time you have grappled with scripture?

My challenge to you...Get in the ring, octogon, street corner, or wherever you engage in struggles or close encounters and...grapple.


Sherrye said...

Brian, I obviously didn't do the study with you, but wanted to let you know that James is one of my favorite books! He doesn't mince words, and he's down to earth! Love James.

David said...

James raises so many great questions that need to be answered or grappled with. Any time we study the Bible we need to remember it is not meant to be merely heard or read but applied otherwise we will be living in a lie (James 1:22).

Keep preaching the word brother!

all about Christ,