Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three reasons you’ll love the next series ROOTED: The book of James.

1. It’s intensely practical. The book of James is super clear and super direct.

2.. It’s like a text message or twitter tweet. James talks briefly about something then bam, he’s hitting something else. It’s short and sweet wisdom then James moves on to the next thing.

3. It’s full of metaphors, illustrations, and word pictures. He uses them to help us understand and remember. The waves in the sea, a withered flower, your face in the mirror, the bit in a horse’s mouth, the rudder of a ship, a destructiveness of a forest fire, pure spring water, arrogant business men, rusted metal, and moth eaten clothes. Everyday items that helps us remember everyday truths.

Beginning this week in Revolution 10:30 am in the Chapel.
2191 Galilee Chrsitian Church Jefferson, GA. 30549.

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