Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Original Social Network...

I saw a Coleman camping gear commercial this past weekend that claims they "gave birth to social networking" and it got me thinking. You know sitting around a campfire or camping was social networking. Social networking is a big deal from the old Myspace days, to Facebook and Twitter and who knows what is next. Millions of people connected everywhere they go by phone or computer.

But I believe Jesus gave birth to the greatest social networking tool, it's called the church. It was way before Coleman and Twitter. We connect today through status updates, texting, posts, blogs, and #(something-creative-here). Here is a few ways they networked and stayed connected.

  • They meet together Acts 1:6

  • Prayed together Acts 1:14
  • Sold things to help the ones in need Acts 2:45

  • Served together Acts 2:45

  • Ate together Acts 2:46

  • Hung out in each other homes Acts 2:46

  • Praised together Acts 2:47

  • One heart and mind Acts 4:36

  • Shared everything they had Acts 4:33
Are you connected?

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